Wednesday, November 2, 2011

It has been a while for me to post.I have been pondering what to post about.So much is going on both personal and global.My step dad if fighting cancer and using alternative ways to do it.It has been a lesson lots of research.Learning to cook for him has been hard work. The garden died due to heat and lack of water now things are coming up just before the snow so they will die too.Keeping everything going has been alot of work.
Another summer is over and the winter work is now upon us.I need to write up my seed list for next year garden.I need to finish canning the freezers. So if we have power out we do not lose what we have in them.The to do list seems to keep growing.
We have had a cousin come to visit and see how we live and learn some of the old arts like canning, cheese making, gardening and few other things we do.He seems to be enjoying the work and the life style we have learned to live. My son is coming around yesterday he told me we need to buy more milk filters . He would like at least 3 boxes (with a thumbs up sign) just to be uhh yeah prepped. All I could do was smile.I think the history lesson had some effect on him.He researched German history.He seems to be more will to learn this year. Learning the history of the world seems to be making him want to have stuff on hand now.One down whoot whoot!!
The news looks bleak on our freedoms. I seem to be upsetting people cause I do
not sell my milk. With all the people getting raided and arrested seem safer just to supply for myself not sell. Sure the extra money would be nice just not worth the risk. Tsa seems to reaching out from just airports.The world sure is changing from what it once was.Soon we will tell tales that will sound like fairy tales of what life once was.
As we walk threw life things change just as nature follows its seasons. The trees once green full of life and beauty slowly turn to shades of orange yellow and red. Then we wake to find them empty all the leaves gone and the tree is dead looking. Seems we have hit the falling of the leaves in life too. Just as the trees battle the winter. We too must face it.Spring comes for the trees and it will come to us as well. Enjoy life till next time!

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