Monday, November 7, 2011

I was thinking I want cheap turkey year round. So, when they went on sale I bought two of them and in to jars they will go. Simple easy summer turkey. Pop my jar and healthy meal fast.Why do we eat things that are not ment to be eaten? Pink slime, wood pulp, nerve gas,and much more? Wonder why we are sick, don't feel good and can't lose weight.If we eat real food it feeds our body and we don't crave the junk feel full and the weight just falls off. When we grow and process our food we know what we are eating. If you cant grow your food shot to buy the less processed and do it yourself. The flavor will shock you! On this note I plan to buy "Ball Blue Books" for each of my kids to give to them. I think I want to try to make some Canadian bacon. With the price of bacon here so high.I am not a bacon fan but, it would be fun to try and who knows it might taste better.
We are being warned that we are in great trouble as a country.Lots of things could effect us in different ways. It is up to each of us to take care of our loved ones. Learning to make foods the old fashion ways seem to be a grand idea. If you have kids get them in on the lesson make memories both you and them will never forget.Getting kids to help with food prep is great bonding fix a drink sit back and chat while you learn together.Ok so you don't like cooking find another forgotten skill and learn it with your kids.There are so many things out there to do find something and learn a skill with your kids. Our kids are only young once and if we let that pass us by we can not get it back.
Our life is like the wind always blowing but never the same breeze . Harness the wind and take the ride of life just do not let it pass you by.

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