Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Whats equal about....

I found out that good old aspertame is changing its name again it will be called aminosweet. So read closely as now its called a natural sweetner. That is not even close to true its a lie but thats how it works.Raw food stores get raided and cheme companies get to say and do what ever. All man equal hmm. Then its ok for congress to do insider trading and yet anyone else get a hint and its off the jail house rock ya go. We are not equal those in power have things set so we a equal. Equal comes will all the fields are the same all parties have the same chance as any other. Yet today the bottom group is pushed to the bottom every step they take and the top stays above.
Right now I am so tried of watching the bottom be pushed down I want to scream.The only way to get a good job is collage yet the cost is so great some never get it paid off. The food corp puts poison in our food tell us its good for us yet it causes illness .Why is it ok for things to be so unequal?Why is it people arent madder then they are? Whats equal about were we are in this country? At what point do the people say enough?
The housing market is just as bad they price house too high tell people its the way to go and then forclosure comes and people are confused. People you can not charge crazy amount and agree and not have problems. It just doesnt work that that. Fair prices make lifes better for all. Whats equal about the number of homeless due to this mess greed has caused?Many other companies and groups are doing the same thing.If we want equal we have to make it happon!
Study history learn the old ways and We can find Equal!!!!

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