Friday, March 23, 2012

Hey its been awhile. No I didn't fall off the face of the Earth.I am not sure were this post is going to go but, here it goes. T he baby chicks turkeys and geese will be here in a few weeks.Kind of excited about them love the babies .I do!! Spending spring break with my good daughters. So we went from 3 kids to 5.
We planted our onion bed before the rain came was a great lesson. Getting to talk about how the wind strips the top soil and damages it causes. Talking about how these little guys have to be planted with love and handled with care. How you have to fill their needs for them to fill your needs. Sometimes we as people forget that little things in life are so important. We get wrapped up in the me and we lose the big picture. It was so good do hear the lessons I have taught be told by a child to a child. We got our strawberry bed done too. We all worked together as a family and was so productive. Then the rain came much needed it was and grateful for it.So we had to stop gardening.
We spent a rainy day and made lip balm. That was fun too . We did cool flavors like coconut, mint chocochip, root beer. Everyone loves the lip balm and will be so good this summer.
We made Meatloaf pizza!! Ok What is so special about that ? Don't ask me but every kid I have feed it to loves it. It was one of those cases of discovery when you clean out the ice box of left overs. The kids wanted pizza and we had leftover meat loaf so I put it on a dough with sauce and cheese.Meatloaf pizza was born.We only get it when we have leftover meat loaf. People look at the kids weird when they ask if they can have meatloaf pizza. But its ok cause we know its good. I gave in and made one during this spring break and think more kids will be asking for meatloaf pizza.
My kids ask for a lot of foods that get me phone calls like rainbow pancakes and garbage can cookies .I make up a lot of stuff as I go and not always does it have a name so my kids get to name dishes. I will explain some of the wonderful names garbage can cookies are all the left over extra things from baking in a chocochip cookie recipe like what ever left over coconut chips nut any thing not enough to fill a recipe on its own we stash back for these special cookies.Rainbow pancake well I was bad and ran out off choco chips but I had some of the special holiday chips red green white orange and black this was before we found out about the dye causing problems. So I tossed a few in the kids named them.With out telling me I got a call saying what is your son talking about? .It is a good thing I let kids in my kiction!!
We have spent alot of the rainy times talking and learning setting next boxes for chickens from last summer.We are starting to get eggs. Today I discovered why eggs and pliers in the same pocket is a bad idea. Boy that was a fun lesson. Not like I didn't know but sometimes when working with kids you forget which pocket you put that egg in and well it happens, kids all got a good laugh at my expense as I am sure you are too.
The seedlings are growing pretty good and soon it will be time to get this garden started and then harvest the good eats for a year of fresh yummy food. OH OH I almost for got those of us who fight for better food for our kids more stores are jumping on the no pink slime in our meat wagon So keep up the good work those who don't know look it up.Nasty stuff it is.On that note till next time.

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