Monday, February 4, 2013

New road

      Life has taken a turn and with it we too are turning. As a family we decided it was time for us to make big changes in our life. When we come to a place in life were you see were you want to be and were you are just don't meet We come to a cross roads and need to find a new path. For our family it ment packing up and moving .Its exciting to see things coming together. Hope you enjoy our new journey.  The kids was scarred and sad to make the change. Now they are glad much happier and loving the change. We have started making payments on a small farm. That means building a barn chicken house putting up fences and the whole works. Its a big job but we excited about it.
     Spring is coming soon so seeds are started. Yippy garden time!! I found the Jiffy seed starter kit for $1.99. Whoot Whoot what a deal !! I got five started already. I have been bartering Water Kefir for heirloom seeds. The garden is coming together and looking like a great year in store. Just have to deal with the weather. We are trying a few new things  in and around the farm stay Tuned in for more details as we go along.
      The goats are due to kid soon. Hoping to get you all some pictures of them this time around.  Right now we have taken over The Mr.s garage and using it for a barn.The goats don't seem to mind much. He did block off part of it and called it the goat free zone. Good thing I got him liking the goats. He was a little scared of them to start with. Couldn't tell that today tho.
       The water kefir is going great.That stuff really  grows .We  are trying different flavors to see what we like. The say the strawberry banana is the best .I like the vanilla myself. The hubby is still trying to adjust to the smell of it wich isn't bad to start with hes just not one to try new things. Yet every day with me is something new.
       Well thats my update see you all around.

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  1. i miss talkin to you! It sounds like everything is busy and well!!!