Friday, January 6, 2012

Thank you

Sorry I been busy doing my daughter duty. While I was doing it I came to a few thoughts I wanted to bring up. First we all have a life so it should not fall one one kid when there are more then one kid in a family. Families used to help each other not lay it one ones shoulders. The next one I want to say I have the greatest most understanding best husband ! Ok I may be partial but its how I feel. When I called for help he came not knowing what he could do but he helped my dad more then he thought he could and for that I thank him so. If you are lucky enough to have a great dad and him still be with you. Dont take him for granted tell him and spend as much time with him as you can.I read the short 6 sentance thing his son wrote and thought" Wow thats it really??" I could have said so much more but mom had told him he could do it. I could have said "How he was always there for us day or nite. How funny the nite I drove to thier house and woke them knocking on the bedroom window and he tried to figure out how to get threw the christmas tree to let me in lol it was in front a door we never used . How he came to hospital when I had my oldest son and was covered in greese and got it on the newborn. The nurses couldnt wash it off. How I tought him him to use the grill cause I couldnt eat anther charcole filet mignon that was no long meat but a little black bricket. How I drove him nuts bringing chickens and goats in his house cause they was sick and had to be watched but they wanted me there. How we always came and sleep at his house for christmas and spent christmas eve there so he could get the kids all excited about santa and him and dad had to help santa out the high lines one time cause they wasnt in bed so santa took out our electric . HOw he came to me to ask me to marry my mom and I got all serious and told him i would be ok with it if he got all he teeth pulled and false teeth and he did . He always keep his word. He believed a mans only as good as his word. He always had words of wisdom to share with you like eat when you are not hungry prevents you from getting hungry. Another one he liked to tell me was dont worry it never solves anything. He was a fixer wanted to fix everything and did everything but his cancer. He didn't get past 8th grade yet helped build the stuff for heat shields for nasa. His knowdge didnt come from school but the life of hard knocks. He loved to read and it didnt matter what it was .He always said a day you dont learn is a day waisted.How great he loved his grandkids and had so much he tought and more he wanted to teach. I would have said the best birthday present was when he became my dad.A daughter cant ask for more then to be told I may not have sired you but you are the best daughter a man could be given. I was so lucky that god gave me a daughter like you and being able to tell him it was an honor to be his daughter .But it was not my job to write for him So none of that was said.Thank you listioning and I will try to make the next post up beat.

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  1. That was a wonderful post, Poison. I'm sure your step-dad is real proud of you and is smiling right now!