Saturday, December 17, 2011


This week has been alittle crazy for me. I have spent alot of time trying not to cry. As I try and say see you later to every improtant person to me. I want to post today about something we sometimes take forgranted each other. If you have a partner spouse or other is what ever you are fighting about or over worth it?Cause somewere there is some one saying good bye to thiers not of thier wishes but because they are being called from this life. They would give anything to have what few minutes you are waisting on fighting over useless crap. Are you a child who is too busy for your parents or a parent thats too busy for your child some were there is a child wishing they had just a little more time with their parent of a parent with thier child. Dont waist what time you have because the time will be gone before you know it.
My step dad who has been there for me more then my father. Is fading from this life and I am watchinhg as his only birth son is missing his last days with his dad cause he is too busy. I wish for more days with him. So dont take for granted cause one day you will see the last day and time will be up. Please let your loved ones know how you feel make time to enjoy each other and not just for the holidays but everyday.
If we don't seek each monemt of our lifes then they will be lost forever for we never get them back. who we touch and how we effect them is up to us. The river of life never stops flowing it bends and twists untill it reaches the ocean and is the swallowed up. Do not waist your river.

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  1. You are so right Ivie! Every day is a blessing and we all should remember that!