Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Here everyone I been asked to talk about the farm. I am going to talk about goats and stupidity. There are goats are ment to have two teats. Having extra is a deformation doesn't help in the amount of milk or the amount of babies they can care for.It has been brought to my attion that some people are letting babies die because they dont have this deformation.While the goat with this deformation could still be a good goat and serve you well it causes problems .A baby goat may get the wrong teat and not get any milk and starve to death. So you must watch for this. If I was to get a goat with this I would band the extra teat to save her troubles later. So letting a baby goat die because its not deformed is just plain stupid.
I have been told goats are mean. NO THEY ARE NOT !! UNLESS YOU make them that way!!!!! My goats are loyal loving and caring . I have even caught my daughter napping with the goats while one stands over her making sure she is safe and one is her pillow. Boy that is mean. My billy if he gets scared hides behind me. We are talk a full grown billy.So do not believe all goats are mean!!
While yes goats are a food producing animal does not mean they should be miss treated. If you make your self a threat then you will be viewed as one. If you are good to them they will be good to you. Before you breed or by please educate yourself.

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