Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Apron Projects

I started makein aprons its been fun here are a few.I have up for sale. For now planing on changing my stock and adding to it. Hope you enjoy if you are intrested in sporting these or maybe some other ones feel free to contact me .

It has been a while for me on sewing but its been great making these with my daughter my nephews girl friends and shareing a skill thats needed by everyone. I need to get a picture of my 10 month old great niece who crawls threw the house and stands holding my leg looking up towatch me sew. Then crawls back to threw the house to watch me pin and cut its so cute and I know she is learning. What a gift to pass on I know shes too young to run the machine but a seed is being planted in her little mind.
My son showed off his cooking skills and helped nephews girlfriend learn to make berox.It was good seeing the lessons I have done with him to beable to give to others his older cousins told him how great they was and made him feel so good nothing like being ten and teaching a grown woman how to do stuff in the kiction they had a great time . While I lost my step dad other family has came home to help and its so good to have the family together. Shareing learning and enjoying each other. Well its busy here so I better get before the day starts.