Monday, July 11, 2011

I Try to be an upbeat person and I try not to put others down but, right now I see no way to say things with out it putting some people down. So please forgive me if I stomp on your toes. I think I figured out what happen to our country! Now while some people don't belive in god and never open a bible that is were I found the answers. We are a beliving family and study gods teaching.Now for the answers for what has happened. For those who wont open the book let me put it here for you one word sums it all up Proverbs!!!!!!!!!!! 8.1-9.18. I am not going to type it all for you. but I will give you has brought me to my conclusions. "8.5 Are you immature? Learn to be mature. are you foolish ? Learn to have sense." What a concept our children and adults need to learn. "8.11I am Wisdom, I am better than jewels; nothing you want can compare with me."None of our leaders have wisdom. The people have refused the wisdom and teach the youth to act and be foolish.Is it not foolish to spend money you do not have? Is it not foolish to hire people you do not have money to pay? Is it not foolish to to make laws that stop the people you wish to tax from making money? Is it not foolish to make laws that stop people from producing food? WE Need WISDOM!! In our leaders our youth and adults. Lack of wisdom is foolish stupid and leads to destruction in all the foolish touches.
Greed is not really touched in these chapters but Greed will lead a man to foolishness will blind him of wisdom and rune all he touches as well. We are ment to take care of our old, disabled, and our young. Instead of taking a pay cut our government is cutting from the old, disabled, and young. Greed has set up in their hearts. Greed will bring down everything it touches it will turn family against each other, friends to enemies. It lives in our government system and it thrives there. I hear people saying cut welfare cut medicare medicaid cut the government entitlements. Yet I am not hearing cut My paycheck to feed the ones that can not. I am not hearing we need to cut the foolish grants. We need morals!!
I hear people say we need to bring our troops home get out of the wars. Good idea lets do that with the troops home that will shoot unemployment how high? Hmm WE dont have enough jobs now for the people. How are we going to employ all the troops that are no just on call not duty?? We have to get the jobs going and with the way the government is acting and the laws they are passing no one wants to move.
We have entered a every big stakes game of chess. As the government passes laws we try to find away to move around them. To live and each passing law the government gets closer to check mate. At some point The game will end. We will be felt to clean up a large mess from greed, foolishness, stupidity, lust, and it will not be a wonderful mess to clean.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

I went to bed in a rant woke up and still feeling ranty. I am so fed up with people not having or at least using moral or even thinking. If someone invited you for dinner and told you up front the main ingredant was round up. What would you say? You wouldn't eat at my house. Yet when i go to see you what do you offer me? GMO foods When my kids visit you you give them GMO foods. Thats what you serve my family Roundup. I am soppost to be happy that you feed us poison? Why because the FDA say its OK What the !! If you take the time time educate your self you will find what I'm saying is true. It is even worse then what I am saying. Some call me a food snob. Some call me a food nut. Some say I am just freaking out over nothing. Well here is some food for thought. People are getting sick from the crappy food countries that feed their people plastic wont let them eat GMO. Hmmm I wonder why?? We as a country can say no to GMO here is how
Next rant why are we so lazy we can not mash some bananas for our kids?? We buy them premashed in a jar with glass in the jar. Oh yeah Gerber is having a recall on bananas cause they might have glass but, opps you done feed that jar to your baby. So get off your lazy bumm and smash some bananas for the kids you say you love. Heck show some real love and make all your own baby food then you will know if ya put some glass in there.
Moving on our jobs report stink why? Well here is a few examples You got to have the iPad!!! Well look in to the way Apple treats its employes. Then Look at were its made. Oh guess what its not here. There is a hint. Just like many other products. You want America To Work Buy Things Made in America!!!!
Its going to take All Americans to fix our problems and sitting back say there is nothing I can do is NOT True it is pure laziness. You have a choice over what you buy or do not buy. You have an option over what you feed your family. If and when we speak as a country then and only then will they listen !
Now let us think out side the box for a minute. If I told you what cloths to wear.What color of bras or shirt you could put on every day what would you tell me?? Yet you let schools tell your kids just that. If I lied to you all the time would you trust me?? Yet our goverment lies to us all the time yet we vote the same liers in office and expect something new. What ever! If i told you Do Not own your house you just rent it you would say no its mine but do not pay taxes and see who owns the house. If this is a FREE COUNTRY then why is it you cant grow a garden in the front yard? Why is it you can not own chickens with out someone saying ok on your land you own. We allow TSA and every other thing the goverment says is ok to happen to us and sit back you want to stop TSA stop flying airlines might close but so will TSA and the goverment will start to figure out WE ARENT GOING TO TAKE IT ANY MORE!!